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Table 1 List of clinical trials investigating neurological applications of MRgFUS by disorder

From: Current and emerging brain applications of MR-guided focused ultrasound

Indication Stage Description
ET Phase II NCT02289560 – multi-centered, single arm study to look at efficacy for ET
NCT01827904 - prospective, randomized, double blind, crossover, multi-centered, two arm study to test efficacy and further demonstrate safety
PD Phase I NCT02347254, NCT01772693, NCT02263885, NCT02246374, NCT02252380 - phase I trial to study unilateral Vim nucleus/subthalamic nucleus/globus pallidus sonication for PD
Brain tumor – ablation Phase I NCT00147056, NCT02343991, NCT01473485 – phase I trial for tumor ablation, ongoing
NCT01698437 – phase I trial for tumor ablation, completed, University Children’s Hospital in Zurich
Brain tumor – BBB disruption Phase I NCT02343991 – phase I trial to study BBB opening for delivery of doxorubicin
Depression/anxiety Phase I NCT02348411 – phase I trial to study safety and initial effectiveness of MRgFUS bilateral anterior capsulotomy in medication-refractory MDD
NCT02685488 – phase I trial of right frontotemporal area sonication for mild to moderate depression
OCD Phase I NCT01986296 - phase I trial of anterior cingulate cortex, anterior limb of internal capsule, ventral striatum or subgenual cingulate cortex sonication
NCT03156335 - phase I trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of MRgFUS for patients with treatment-refractory OCD
Pain syndromes Phase I NCT01699477 - phase I trial of thalamic sonication for neuropathic pain, pediatric, University Children’s Hospital in Zurich
Central lateral thalamic nucleus sonication (Neurosurgery Focus 2012)
NCT03111277 - phase I trial for MRgFUS thalamotomy of central lateral thalamic nucleus
Epilepsy – ablation Phase I NCT02804230 – phase I trial, ablation of subcortical focal epileptic targets
Epilepsy - neuromodulation Phase I NCT02151175 – phase I trial, stimulation or suppression of neuronal activity in temporal lobe
AD Phase I NCT02986932 – phase I trial of ultrasound mediated BBB opening for AD
Thrombolysis/ICH Preclinical Swine and human cadaveric models demonstrated feasibility of ICH liquefaction. Rabbit carotid occlusion model demonstrated feasibility of this model for vascular recanalization
CSF diversion Preclinical Proof-of principle study of MRgFUS third ventriculostomy
Neuromodulation Phase I Vagus nerve modulation can stimulate or dampen neuronal activity
  1. ET essential tremor, PD Parkinson’s disease, BBB blood-brain barrier, MDD major depressive disorder, OCD obsessive compulsive disorder, AD Alzheimer’s disease, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, FUS focused ultrasound, ICH intracerebral hemorrhage, NCT national clinical trial (number)