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Table 2 Execution speed of the real-time software

From: Open-source, small-animal magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound system

Action Mean execution time (ms) Purpose
Initialize function generator 1885 ms Performed once before each temperature-controlled sonication, this action opens communication between the host PC and the ultrasound function generator and configures the function generator with the desired output parameters for sonication.
Read in image 42 ms Time to open the raw MR data (.fid) file and reconstruct the magnitude and phase data into an image for thermometry.
Compute temperature map 39 ms Time to construct a temperature map with baseline subtraction of image phases after new data has been read. This timing includes drift correction with subtraction of phase from a reference ROI.
Output voltage to function generator 1 ms Time to evaluate PID equation based on current focal temperature and system state and send V out to the function generator.