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Table 1 Study investigations, treatments and follow-up summarize the full schedule of patient visits, treatment, imaging and assessments of adverse events

From: Magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound combined with radiotherapy for palliation of head and neck cancer—a pilot study

  Recruitment/baseline investigation MR-guided HIFU treatment Post-HIFU
day 1
day 7
day 14
Palliative XRT/chemo Post-HIFU
day 30
day 90
Physical examination soc
Blood work      soc   
MRI    soc   
Toxicity/SAE   soc
Pain and analgesic form   soc
  1. Toxicity and SAE consists of anticipated adverse events screening, NCI CTCAE v4.03 toxicity score and SAE evaluating form when adverse events meet SAE criteria. Pain and analgesic: assessment consists of a visual analogue scale (VAS) and HIFU-related pain and analgesic form
  2. soc standard of care, visits and assessments will follow regular institutional practice. XRT radiotherapy treatment, SAE serious adverse experience