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Table 1 A typical clinical protocol for SPGR-based temperature mapping and showing SPGR and EPI sequence parameters used for experimental evaluation in this study

From: Minimizing eddy currents induced in the ground plane of a large phased-array ultrasound applicator for echo-planar imaging-based MR thermometry

  SPGR—clinical protocol SPGR EPI
Plane Sagittal/axial Sagittal/axial/coronal Sagittal/axial/coronal
Mode 2D 2D 2D
Protocol SPGR, seq-fast-MPh SPGR, seq-fast-MPh Gradient echo EPI, fast-MPh
FOV 350 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Slice thickness 3.0 mm 4.7 mm 4.7 mm
Frequency direction S/I (sagittal), R/L (axial) S/I (coronal, sagittal), R/L (axial) S/I (coronal, sagittal), R/L (axial)
Frequency resolution 256 144 144
Phase resolution 128 144 144
TE 13.3 ms 13.3 ms 13.0 ms
Flip angle 30° 30° 30°
Receiver bandwidth ±5.68 kHz ±15.63 kHz ±62.5 kHz
TR 27.0 ms 26.2 ms 235 ms
Echo train length n/a n/a 16
Ramp sampling n/a n/a Off
Receive coil Body Body Body
Multi-phase delay time 0.05 s 2 s (default) 0.5 s (default)
No. of phase images 5 5 5
  1. n/a not available