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Table 1 Outline of test conditions/objectives for in vivo DBAC testing

From: Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation (DBAC)—part II: in vivo testing of a research prototype system

  Milestone Most challenging problem Milestone specification Treatment speed Device operation
DBAC hemostasis test condition/objective Slow bleeder injury Slow bleed in small vessel 5 ml/min Achieve hemostasis
before 50 % blood loss.
Maximum time limit of 30 min
Full automation: start button, cancel button
Closed-loop system
Minimum of two panels required
Fast bleeder injury Fast bleed in large vessel 100 ml/min
Depth of penetration Large, fast, deep bleeder 12.5 cm
Maximum thermal tissue dose Large, fast, deep bleeder Thermal lesioning limited to 2-cm sphere centered on the bleed  
Maximum thermal skin dose Skin burn MTSD ≤ 52 °C