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Table 1 Focused ultrasound device manufacturers

From: Focused ultrasound development and clinical adoption: 2013 update on the growth of the field

Company Founded Guidance and usage
SonaCare Medical (previously US-HIFU, International HIFU and Focus Surgery) 1997 US
Chongqing HAIFU 1999 Both
China Medical 1999 US
Insightec 1999 MR
Image Guided Therapy 2001 MR—animals
Shanghai A&S 2001 Both
Mirabilis 2004 US
Theraclion 2004 US
Medsonic 2005 MR
Philips Healthcare 2005 MR
Supersonic Imagine 2005 Both
Profound 2008 MR
EyeTechCare 2008 Visual
Alpinion 2008 US
International Cardio Corporation 2009 US
Kona Medical 2009 US
Histosonic 2009 US
FUS instruments 2009 MR—animals
Acublate 2010 Both
  1. Criteria include guidance method (US, MR, other) and usage (if used only for pre-clinical studies, this is marked as ‘animal’).