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Table 3 Optimal emission thresholds and corresponding accuracy metrics for rupture prediction

From: Prediction and suppression of HIFU-induced vessel rupture using passive cavitation detection in an ex vivo model

Acoustic emission type Threshold (dB) Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV
Low-frequency 0.863 69.6% 54.7% 14.7% 94.1%
Broadband 11.04 75.1% 62.9% 18.5% 95.7%
Subharmonic 0.499 74.5% 64.4% 19.0% 95.7%
  1. Threshold values (in dB relative to the measured noise floor) yielding maximum sensitivity and specificity, with corresponding sensitivities, specificities, positive predictive values (PPV), and negative predictive values (NPV), using data from 18 trials.