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Table 1 Tools for targeting accuracy measurement

From: MR-guided focused ultrasound technique in functional neurosurgery: targeting accuracy

  Tool Use
Hardware InSightec ExAblate 4000 Neuro FUS operation
GE Discovery MR750 3.0 T Body coil Intra-operative setup
32-channel head coil Post-operative setup
Software InSightec ExAblate FUS Brain software Operation and post-operative prescribed target center measurement
GE viewer software (on MR console) Intra-operative target determination
Carestream PACS V11.0 (DICOM viewer) Realized target measurement on post-operative MR images
Synedra View Personal 3 (DICOM viewer) Volume measurements
  The Mathworks Matlab R2009b Data processing
  1. Tools used for target determination (intra-operative) and target reconstructions (post-operative).