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Table 2 Alternative treatments following MRgFUS treatment among AA and non-AA according to time of follow-up

From: MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) is effective for the distinct pattern of uterine fibroids seen in African-American women: data from phase III/IV, non-randomized, multicenter clinical trials

Months post-MRgFUS Number of alternative treatments/total number of AA patients followed Number of alternative treatments/total number of non-AA patients followed pvaluea
3 months post-tx 1/62 (1.6%) 0/59 (0.0%) 0.98
6 months post-tx 1/59 (1.7%) 3/56 (5.4%)
12 months post-tx 5/51 (9.8%) 7/52 (13.5%)
24 months post-tx 18/48 (37.5%) 14/48 (29.2%)
36 months post-tx 23/46 (50.0%) 19/45 (42.2%)  
  1. aTwo-sided p value from the generalized estimating equation (GEE) with a binomial distribution, a logit link, and a compound symmetry covariance structure (to account for the correlation between follow-ups from the same woman), testing whether the odds of seeking alternate treatments are different between races (separate but parallel lines hypothesis), given follow-up time, age, and BMI. tx treatment.